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Driven by a curiosity for exploration, THE NORTH FACE excellently provides what actual explorers need for straying into the unknown, confidently pursuing their dreams while continuously going further. Named after the most challenging side of Mount Everest, it expertly represents their core desire to push the boundaries of what is possible - towards the very limits of our capacities. As the north face stands as a natural monument to the challenges life and the outdoors can throw at us, the brand thrives on these obstacles and uses them as the compass for reaching farther and higher in what they do.

With high ambitions and dreams of venturing into the wilderness, arise the need for exceptional gear - something THE NORTH FACE has been famous for delivering since its inception in 1966.

Having been at the center of it all in enabling the birth of the backpack and backpacking itself during the late 60s - a most fundamental aspect that allows for effective hiking - they have continued to deliver on innovative and groundbreaking design and performance until this day. Along the way, we have seen the tent being revolutionized through their Oval inTENTion, and by being an early adopter of GORE-TEX, THE NORTH FACE quickly became part of the movement that provided hikers, skiers, and other explorers with completely new technology, allowing for increased comfort and protection. Along the way, we have seen iconic pieces, like the NUPTSE jacket and the HIMALAYAN SUIT. Their scope has remained wide but has also not strayed off the path of providing the highest possible performance through their creations. And over time, their commitment to sustaining wildlife, doing things responsibly and sustainably, through sponsorship, investments, support, innovative design and giving way to recycling and reusing for their customers, their commitment towards a more sustainable and balanced future has only increased.

In light of recent years, with their core intentions intact, new additions have been made through the likes of FUTURELIGHT technology - incredibly breathable waterproof protection through innovative nanospinning technology - as well as their VECTIV design for trail-running - with revolutionizing intentions for capacities of running even farther and wider.

There is no other brand more top of mind and synonymous with absolute top performance in any weather condition, historically. Building on the most impressive relationship of bringing us together with the outdoors in the toughest climates and conditions, one can always depend on the products that NORTH FACE provides. Increasingly, one can feel safe in knowing that their gear is made with sustainability in mind and long-lasting performance. The North Face will continue to provide the essentials to anyone with explorative mindsets for years to come.

Their range of products has been refined over the years and now contains a multitude of items that combine for top comfort, performance and endurance, with iconic key pieces and staples for easy combination to accommodate the unique and individual needs of customers.

Their FLIGHT RACE DAY VEST provides 360-degree reflectivity and on-the-go storage access. Find comfort, stretch and warmth through their ALPINE POLARTEC™ 200 FULL-ZIP HOODED JACKET, made with 100% recyclable materials. Also made with recycled materials, the FLIGHT LIGHT RISER FUTURELIGHT™ JACKET is the perfect running companion with lightweight material and exceptional rainproof properties.

Improve performance over long distances with The North Face’ FLIGHT VECTIV X ELVIRA SHOES, made for trail running. Their SUMMIT CRAGSTONE PRO SHOES are similar but are made for interactions with rock, whether that is running or climbing. Made with a VIBRAM SOLE for great comfort in movement. For adventures with high-reaching altitude that require expert gear, you need not look further than the SUMMIT SERIES PUMORI DOWN PARKA, which uses CLOUD DOWN construction for the best possible warmth maintenance.Powered by 800-fill ProDown™ insulation for water and wind protection.

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