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Groundbreakingly innovative over decades, NIKE’s eager ambition to support athletes, sport and sports culture alike, has been felt by everyone. Remaining at the forefront of new technology and creative design within every segment of athletic endeavor, NIKE is not only dependable but can be expected to continually reinvent what is considered high-end, top-tier and aesthetically impressive and unique.

By putting the athletes at the core of their brand, NIKE knows their customer and their needs like few. What started as creating running shoes, their apparel and product range now encompasses not only running but all sorts of sports and all types of movement.

NIKE is not only about providing great equipment regardless of the challenge ahead but to actively create and encourage the flourishing of communities, small and large, all around the world. A pioneer of excellence but also a stable supporter for all that is sport, from the inside and the outside, through the latest equipment and sponsorship of emerging athletes.

NIKE is still at the cutting edge of running. Having released NIKE VAPORFLY, top runners received new technology to effectively shave off seconds and minutes of their personal best. Similar results can be aimed for with more comfort and springy feel through the NIKE ZOOMX INVINCIBLE RUN FK 2. For less intensive goals that do not carry the highest of professional ambition, the NIKE AIR ZOOM PEGASUS blends comfort and performance perfectly to bring excellent results for the lightly casual runner, all the way up to elite levels without any compromise. Mix it up with the underfoot traction that comes with NIKE PEGASUS TRAIL 4, and their selection broadens into NIKE TRAIL, shoes that provide stability and support for running in the rougher outdoors. NIKE carries the essential tennis shoes in their range through the NIKE AIRMAX VOLLEY. A light, perfect-fit shoe, shaped intimately for the foot to facilitate maximum speed and support.

The trust NIKE embodies as a reliable companion and partner for athletes to take them to newer heights, can and should be extended to the lay runner, casual golfer or tennis player. Regardless of where you’re now, have faith that NIKE will assist you in taking you to the next level.

A good start towards high performance, can always be found through the excellent gear that NIKE provides.
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