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Arc'Teryx has bold aims and commitments, attempting to aid in the ultimate experience of the outdoors by providing the best possible garments and gear that allow its users to go further than what previously was thought possible.

This is not a simple feat, yet through their devoted commitment for years, anyone who has been using their products will have understood the scope of their ambition and won't have failed to see that they are in many ways succeeding.

Wearers remain immersed while seamlessly transitioning between elements and altitudes allowing for the closest possible experience of the outdoors - even during the harshest conditions.

Despite minimalist designs, the meticulous attention to detail is intuitively felt and instantly grasped. Made with high-performance materials, their iconic jackets and accompanying outerwear are made with Gore-Tex for unparalleled performance, durability and long-lasting quality, providing excellent properties of breathability while maintaining warmth. Gore-Tex easily repels water and wind while its integrated stretch facilitates movement of all kinds.

Supplying the right gear for every time and place, Arc’Teryx products are divided into product families, with different sets optimally accustomed to varying demands. They range from the needs of the highest possible performance and protection - to lightweight gear that allows for increased movement, while further bridging any unique and personalized wishes for customization with many different levels and modifiers across the entire range.

Building on the inherently flexible nature of every product itself, Arc´Teryx’s product range mimics nature’s versatility of elements and temperature, accommodating needs for every situation. Articles are categorized into families for different use and assigned modifiers for easy recognition and understanding of material weight, and finish.

Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Rho, Sigma, and Zeta define different segments with similar design traits.

AR (All round), FL (Fast and light), IS (Insulated), LT (Lightweight), LD (Long distance), MX (Mixed weather), SV (Severe weather), SL (Superlight), VT (Vertical) are the product modifiers allowing for an intuitive grasp of the central product aspect.

Founded and based in North Vancouver, Arc’Teryx’s inherent nature of challenging conventions and daring to go further is highly synergistic with its surroundings of steep, harsh mountains and varying terrains. The brand is named after ARCHAEOPTERYX LITHOGRAPHICA, the first reptile to develop feathers enabling flight. We understand why. Arc´Teryx superbly simulate this very innovation of challenging expected ideas through enabling what previously was not thought possible.

With complex engineering and rigorous real-world testing from athletes, industry professionals, and their own designers, Arc´Teryx not only creates exceptional equipment but facilitates a wholly unique experience. Situated and absorbed into wilderness itself, their scope is ultimately the very same immersion sought by the user.

A description can only do so much. Arc´Teryx products are best known through experience. Look no further for perfectly crafted and balanced outerwear for any and all situations.

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