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For the launch of SAMAYA at KA YO we teamed up with Friends and Collaborators @gozzilah and @formbark for a few days in Stockholm of shooting and nerding out in our studio. Gozzilah took inspiration from Samaya's designs and colors to create his looks, while Jimmy Söber (formbark) created an unreal set design in his classic style, inspired by the outdoors. Olivia Huerta Brateng then beautifully captured the atmosphere we created.

Born out of the marriage of tradition and modernity, SAMAYA stands as a beacon in the mountaineering industry. Since its inception in 2018, the brand has been passionately reinventing the concept of the 4-season tent, inspired by the raw, pristine landscapes of Nepal.


The name SAMAYA, a Nepalese word for "the air of time", reflects the brand's dedication to revolutionizing mountaineering gear. Crafted by and for the enthusiasts, SAMAYA offers equipment that rises to meet the challenges of thousand-year-old mountains, much like the mountaineers themselves.

The brand inherits a deeply rooted ethos from the pioneers of mountaineering: in the realm of equipment, "who can do more can do less". This maxim is at the heart of SAMAYA's innovation-driven approach to product development, pushing the limits to meet the evolving demands of today's mountaineers.

Nestled in Annecy, in the French Alps, SAMAYA's unique research and creativity hub, the Samaya High Camp, breathes life into each product. All designs undergo rigorous testing by athletes in Chamonix and on the world's highest peaks before reaching mountaineers worldwide. The brand offers three distinct ranges – ALPINE, 8K, and ULTRA – each tailored according to varying altitude challenges and user demands. 


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