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Embrace Limitless Exploration with THE NORTH FACE

Fuel your sense of wanderlust and embrace the call of the great outdoors with THE NORTH FACE, a brand that has been synonymous with adventure and exploration since its inception in 1966. Renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, THE NORTH FACE stands as a leader for those who seek to push their limits and venture into the unknown.

A Legacy of Trailblazing Innovation and Sustainability

Named after the challenging north face of Mount Everest, THE NORTH FACE has a rich legacy of trailblazing innovation. From pioneering groundbreaking designs in backpacks during the '60s to adopting cutting-edge GORE-TEX technology, the brand has consistently led the way in creating gear that revolutionizes outdoor experiences. THE NORTH FACE doesn't just follow trends; it sets them.

Beyond conquering mountains, THE NORTH FACE is committed to sustaining the very environments adventurers explore. With a strong emphasis on responsible design practices, wildlife support, and investments in eco-friendly initiatives, the brand takes a holistic approach to ensure a harmonious balance between exploration and environmental conservation.

Unveiling Icons - THE NORTH FACE Gear

Discover the perfect blend of performance and sustainability in THE NORTH FACE's iconic pieces. The FLIGHT RACE DAY VEST, with its 360-degree reflectivity and on-the-go storage, exemplifies the brand's commitment to providing functional yet environmentally conscious gear. The ALPINE POLARTEC™ 200 FULL-ZIP HOODED JACKET, crafted from 100% recyclable materials, offers comfort, stretch, and warmth for any outdoor adventure.

For avid trail runners, THE NORTH FACE introduces the FLIGHT VECTIV X ELVIRA SHOES, a pinnacle of design and technology. Engineered for superior performance over long distances, these shoes combine innovation and comfort seamlessly. Meanwhile, the SUMMIT CRAGSTONE PRO SHOES, featuring a VIBRAM SOLE, ensure stability and comfort, whether you're running or climbing on rugged terrains.

Elevate Your Altitude with Summit Series and Futurelight Technology

Take your high-reaching altitude adventures to new heights with the SUMMIT SERIES PUMORI DOWN PARKA. With CLOUD DOWN construction and 800-fill ProDown™ insulation, this parka not only provides unparalleled warmth but also shields you from the elements during your most daring expeditions.

Enter the future of outdoor gear with THE NORTH FACE's FUTURELIGHT technology. Unleashing incredibly breathable waterproof protection through innovative nanospinning technology, this advancement ensures that your adventures are not hindered by the weather. Stay dry, stay comfortable, and go further.

A Trusted Partner in Enduring Adventures

THE NORTH FACE isn't just a brand; it's a trusted partner in your enduring adventures. As you embark on your next journey, whether it's trail running, summiting peaks, or exploring the wilderness, trust THE NORTH FACE to provide gear that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Join the community of explorers who rely on the legacy of quality, innovation, and sustainability - choose THE NORTH FACE and redefine your outdoor experience.

At KA YO we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to offer one of the most diverse ranges of THE NORTH FACE apparel and gear in Sweden, to cater for the needs of professional climbers and weekend hikers alike.

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