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Sweet Protection: Pushing Boundaries with Unmatched Protection

At Sweet Protection, the mission is crystal clear: crafting superior protection that ignites a drive for individuals to extend their limits. Seamlessly marrying industry-leading innovation with the utmost craftsmanship, they deliver the safest and most advanced helmets, eyewear, protective gear, and apparel on the market.

For Elite Athletes and Weekend Explorers

Whether you're a World Cup ski racer, a weekend warrior carving the slopes with your kids, or anyone in between, Sweet Protection aspires to spark inspiration in every outdoor enthusiast. Their aim is, with the creation of world class helmets and ski goggles, to nurture confidence in individuals, urging them to venture further and faster in their pursuits. They firmly believe that if you can't push your limits, they're not fulfilling theirs or your mission.

Sweet Protection's decisions are steered by a fundamental design philosophy: Stronger. Lighter. Better. They are overachievers with exceptionally high standards for their products, surpassing industry certifications and standardized tests. Every product undergoes meticulous craftsmanship to ensure it's stronger, lighter, and better than the competition.

Crafted in Norway with Dedication and Passion

Based in Norway, Sweet Protection was born from a tight-knit group of skiers, riders, cyclists, and paddlers driven by a shared desire to create top-notch helmets and apparel. They don't just design gear; they construct the gear they use themselves. Unwaveringly standing behind every product, compromise is not in their vocabulary. Their passion is embedded in guaranteeing your protection on every adventure.

Unmatched Protection Experience

When you choose Sweet Protection, you embark on an unparalleled protection experience where pushing boundaries is not just a mission but a way of life. Your safety is their passion, and every piece of gear reflects their commitment to excellence, defining the very essence of the Sweet Protection brand.

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