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Discover the Pinnacle of Mountaineering Excellence with Samaya

Born at the confluence of tradition and modernity, Samaya stands as a luminary in the mountaineering industry, reshaping the narrative of high-altitude exploration since 2018. Inspired by the awe-inspiring landscapes of Nepal, Samaya infuses elegance, innovation, and authenticity into its 4-season tents, creating a brand that resonates with enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Samaya, derived from the Nepalese word for "the air of time," encapsulates the brand's commitment to revolutionizing mountaineering gear. Crafted in the French Alps, Samaya brings forth equipment designed by and for enthusiasts, embodying the spirit of high-altitude exploration.

A Legacy of Innovation

Inheriting the ethos of mountaineering pioneers, Samaya adheres to the principle that "who can do more can do less." This philosophy propels Samaya's innovation-driven approach, pushing the boundaries to meet the evolving demands of modern mountaineers.

Nestled in Annecy, the heart of the French Alps, the Samaya High Camp serves as Samaya's research and creativity hub. Here, each product comes to life, undergoing rigorous testing by athletes in Chamonix and on the world's highest peaks before reaching mountaineers globally.

Award Winning Altitude Solutions

Samaya caters to diverse altitude challenges and user demands through its three distinctive ranges – ALPINE, 8K, and ULTRA. Each range is meticulously designed to meet the unique requirements of mountaineers facing varying altitudes.

The hexagonal logo symbolizes Samaya's commitment to balance, geometrical precision, dynamic energy, and artistic non-conformism. It echoes the natural structure of ice crystals, embodying Samaya's intimate connection with nature and its French roots.

Samaya has received five ISPO awards in just four years, a testament to its uncompromising technicality and timeless elegance. From design to materials, lightness to durability, every detail is meticulously curated, reflecting Samaya's DNA of extreme commitment.

Bridging Urban Life and Wilderness

Samaya acts as a bridge between urban life and the serene beauty of the wilderness. The brand's equipment simplifies bivouacking and roaming, enabling users to forge meaningful connections with nature. With Samaya, each expedition transforms into an extraordinary adventure.

Samaya is more than a brand; it's a promise of elevation, innovation, and uncompromising quality for high-altitude enthusiasts worldwide. Embark on an extraordinary adventure with Samaya and experience the pinnacle of mountaineering excellence.

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