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Embark on a Unique Running Experience with Running is Dead

In 2017, Running is Dead was born in Stockholm, Sweden, challenging the norms of traditional running brands. Moving away from the conventional track and field approach, they set out on a journey focused on more than just competition and records.

Influenced by Scandinavian Roots

Their inspiration comes from action sports, music, and various subcultures that shaped the upbringing of the founders Edvin Hellsing, Daniel Rönnbäck, and Martin Sikorski. Unlike conventional athletic influences, they draw inspiration from skateboarding and snowboarding, blending heavy metal and electronica with the minimalist aesthetics of Scandinavian fashion, where black remains the signature color.

Beyond Conventional Running

Running is Dead is not about chasing victories or being fixated on bib numbers. They transcend the limits of traditional running, seeking experiences that go "Beyond Running”. It’s a global community of runners, emphasizing more than national championships – they’re about exploring the world in their unique way.

Celebrate a Unique Lifestyle

More than just a brand, Running is Dead is a lifestyle that celebrates freedom of movement, self-expression, and breaking boundaries. Their apparel and gear, consisting of running jackets, shirts, shorts, socks, and other accessories, cater to those who desire an experience that goes beyond the typical run.

Experience the World with Running is Dead

Life is more than just a race, and at Running is Dead, they understand that. Join them in breaking free from limitations, exploring the world, and redefining your running experience. Choose Running is Dead for a unique journey where every step goes beyond the ordinary.

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