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Sustainable performance apparel

Started by a band of climbers and surfers, Patagonia’s vision of creating functional clothing with ranging use, from casual excursions to ascents in the unknowns of alpine environments, has taken them to increasingly higher levels of performance, while developing their outstanding commitment to doing things sustainably, like none other.

Their way of creation and innovation is done in a combination through the extremes of product performance and highest possible regard for people, environment and with sustainability in mind. Products that are made with materials of outstanding capability to endure cold, wind and water during the toughest conditions, are designed effectively to accommodate for all different types of movements, while still being sourced and created with as little harm as possible to ensure the protection of nature and people's rights. Patagonia is at the very forefront of this approach and way of dealing. As a wearer of their garments, one can feel as comfortable knowing that care and sympathy have been a part of every process in making it, as one actually, physically feels traversing through different elements and varying landscapes while staying warm and dry.

Local support and quality that lasts

Not only creating in kind ways, Patagonia are actively supporting communities and people across the US, to protect, revive and revitalize land and water as well as to support resistance against climate change.

With this in mind, the ability to create pieces that facilitate comfort, performance and resistance at the highest possible levels becomes increasingly impressive. Their commitment to doing good rightly gathers the praise they deserve. In unison with great technical performance, Patagonia delivers long-lasting garments with high durability that can be worn for years. Beyond this, they facilitate a second-hand market to ensure an even longer-lasting life for all their products.

Patagonia Vests and Fleeces

Their styles come in many different forms but all pertain to the idea of providing users with the right protection at the right time. At Ka-Yo, we carry their Nano Puff Vest that provides lightweight warmth and elemental resistance through 100% recycled materials. You can find their Better Sweater fleeces, made with organic cotton to add warmth and comfort in any season - a perfect piece on its own or as a layer. The Torrentshell 3L Jacket keeps you dry and warm through severely tough weather conditions.

Their range is incredibly wide with each piece being designed with minute attention to detail to cover all of your needs in all possible outdoor pursuits. Regardless of the season, we will be sure to carry both staples and niche gear.

Clothing and Gear to actively embrace

Patagonia has always been on the forefront at providing outdoor enthusiasts to varying degrees with just what they need to make the most out of their excursions. When you’ve been immersed with all of nature’s beautiful varieties in animals, insects, plants, weathers and seasons, it is easy to understand how important these lush and diverse ecosystems are for our physical and mental wellbeing. Not only through what they provide in nutrition but also through their mere presence. Thus, we applaud Patagonia’s effort to give us the means and tools of exploration while staying kind and protective. Hopefully, their way of business will influence other brands to increase commitments in protecting the earth as best they can.

Whether one seeks comfort, movement, protection, breathability, sustainability or fair conduct, one no longer needs to choose, but can actively embrace all of these aspects, as they all neatly combine in Patagonia's assortment.

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