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Norda - Your Canadian Trail Running Companion

Embark on a trail running adventure like never before with Norda, the Canadian trail running shoe brand that stands for durability, quality, and a commitment to the great outdoors. Tailored to withstand the rugged terrains of Canada, Norda's footwear is a testament to their dedication to providing runners with high-performance and reliable shoes.

Trail-Tested Technology for Every Runner's Journey

Norda understands the unique demands of trail running, and their shoes are meticulously crafted with the latest technology and materials to meet those challenges head-on. From optimal support to superior traction and protection, Norda's footwear caters to runners of all levels, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience on any trail.

Canada's unpredictable weather has proven to be no match for Norda's trail running shoes. Designed with a combination of waterproof and breathable materials, these shoes keep your feet dry and comfortable in any weather condition. Reinforced toes and heels provide an added layer of protection against rocks and obstacles, ensuring your safety on every run.

Eco-Friendly Commitment and Supporting the Community

Norda takes pride in producing environmentally-friendly products. Their commitment to sustainability is reflected in the use of recycled materials and eco-friendly production processes. With a focus on minimizing their carbon footprint, Norda is not just a brand; it's a conscientious choice for those who care about the environment.

Norda goes beyond crafting exceptional trail running shoes; they are deeply rooted in supporting the Canadian trail running community. Sponsoring local events and backing organizations dedicated to maintaining and improving trails, Norda is a brand that believes in giving back to the community that shares the love for trail running.

Superior Craftsmanship and Quality

The Norda shoes are the result of over sixty years of combined footwear experience, hundreds of thousands of kilometres run and a steadfast commitment to the belief that the world doesn’t need another trail running shoe. It needs a better one. Norda has mastered the art of crafting trail running shoes that not only meet but exceed expectations. The meticulous attention to detail, precision in design, and commitment to using cutting-edge technology make Norda a trailblazer in the world of outdoor footwear.

For trail runners seeking a Canadian brand that aligns with their passion for the great outdoors, Norda is the answer. With a range catering to seasoned trail runners and beginners alike, Norda's commitment to quality, sustainability, and community support makes them the perfect choice. Experience the difference with Norda – where each step is a stride towards adventure and excellence. Trust Norda to be your partner in conquering the trails, no matter how challenging they may be.

At KA YO we’re happy offer an extended array of the Norda 001’s and 002’s in various colors.

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