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HOKA - Pace and Comfort in perfect unison

Driven by an ambition to go far and wide, HOKAs extremely functional and comfortable running shoes excel at just that. Made with an incredible commitment to find the perfect balance between exhilarating pace and trusting support, one can be sure to find perfect companions for both off-trail adventures and active, on-the-go city lifestyles. Founded in France, as recently as 2009, HOKA has emerged onto the running scene in a highly suitably swift fashion.

Superior quality for every runner

Initially embraced by Ultramarathon runners, the quality runners that provided speed and comfort like no other shoes on the market were sure to sooner or later be appreciated by everyone, on and off trails and miles-long circuits. The high level of cushioning at an incredibly low weight was something new that was bound to disrupt a market. While ultramarathon athletes have had the time to enjoy top-of-the-line runners, the rest of us are just beginning to catch up to a bouncy, comfortable stride - welcomed just as much on race days as on Sunday walks in the park.

High Tech for all the runs

Today, HOKA sports a wide range of running shoes to perfectly accommodate the modern runner’s unique needs, ranging from superior grip and surface control on off-the-trail runs in all kinds of weathers, to providing joint stability and push that goes on for hours on asphalt without adverse effects on feet and knees.

Their unique Profly midsoles and super responsive foam cushioning provide a softness that hasn’t been experienced before. While simultaneously aiding in a fast stride at barely any excess weight, is sure to make this brand nothing short of a technically innovative miracle.

Perfectly engineered mesh uppers make this lightweight dream possible. They also ensure a steady grip and support that keeps you steady, cool and well ventilated for hours on end. Just the right thing when pursuing personal bests.

Buy HOKA Running Shoes and Trail Running Shoes

At KA-YO, we offer a broad and carefully selected range of running shoes and trail running shoes bound to target the varying needs of each individual. Be sure to find the very best that HOKA has to offer, helping you shave off precious minutes of your personal best, or pairs just as suitable in a high-paced city setting as on mushroom foraging hikes in forests. All done in highly sought after comfort.

We carry the award-winning Clifton 9 for light, cushioned and fast-paced running. While the Bondi 8 provides a perfectly balanced ride with a billowed effect from heel strike to forefoot. A stable and enjoyable time whether walking or running.

The Speedgoat 5 GTX Spike keeps you on your feet when running on slippery, icy and snowy surfaces all through tough and cold winter months. The Gore-Tex upper keeps you dry and warm.

A new type of running

Hoka ushered in a new era of shoe use. They may not have been first in drawing our attention to that which is plush, lightweight and makes running fast and easy. But they may have perfected it. Don’t feel bad for buying a pair and never wanting to wear anything else. You wouldn’t have been the first.

Running has never been this nice.
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