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Goldwin: Elevate Your Outdoor Experience with Japanese Precision

In the realm of outdoor gear Goldwin has, since its inception by Isao Yoshida in the 1950s, proudly represented Japanese excellence, crafting high-quality, performance-focused clothing and gear that seamlessly blend functionality, style, and innovation. With a mission to provide the best products for outdoor enthusiasts, Goldwin's offerings span a wide range, including jackets, pants, and accessories, all meticulously designed to deliver ultimate protection and performance.

Step Into The Quantum Realm

A standout in Goldwin's arsenal is the Pertex Quantum Down Parka, a testament to the brand's commitment to cold weather activities. This down jacket has a distinctive glossy texture, and is equipped with a Pertex Quantum Water Resistant membrane for dependable protection against the elements. The intelligent down baffle structure ensures an even distribution of down, effectively preserving core body warmth. Enhancing warmth further, a down tube around the neck adds an extra layer of insulation.

What sets this jacket apart is its insulation, crafted from recycled down. Employing advanced Japanese technology, the down undergoes meticulous cleaning, optimizing its lightweight properties while ensuring exceptional heat retention. Goldwin's high loft down jacket seamlessly blends style and functionality, offering a versatile choice for a range of winter activities.

A Legacy of Excellence

For those seeking unparalleled protection in colder climates, the Goldwin GORE-TEX© Windstopper™ Parka emerges as a top contender. This jacket continues Goldwin’s legacy of excellence. Crafted from GORE-TEX© Windstopper™ fabric, a highly acclaimed and versatile material known for its outstanding windproof and breathable properties.

For insulation, environmentally friendly recycled down is utilized, comprising 80% recycled materials. The jacket incorporates Goldwin's innovative down baffle structure, the "3D GRID DOWN SYSTEM," ensuring exceptional heat retention. To enhance protection from the cold, the hood is also filled with down, and for practical storage, the jacket features two generously-sized side pockets.

Committed To Outdoor Solutions

Goldwin's commitment to comprehensive outdoor solutions extends beyond clothing to a range of accessories. Gloves, hats, and scarves, meticulously designed with the same precision as their apparel, offer ultimate protection and performance for outdoor enthusiasts.

In essence, Goldwin stands at the forefront of Japanese outdoor brands, shaping a legacy of excellence in the industry. Their products, including the G-LOFT insulation jacket and GTX HOODED DOWN COAT, reflect a dedication to providing outdoor enthusiasts with the tools they need to push boundaries and achieve their goals with confidence.

With Goldwin, every outdoor adventure becomes an opportunity to experience Japanese precision and elevate your connection with nature, and at KA YO we’re beyond proud that we’ve been given the opportunity to share their wealth of excellence with the world. Choose Goldwin, and embark on a journey where performance, style, and innovation converge to redefine your outdoor experience.

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