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ON Running - Running Re-Engineered

Founded and based in Switzerland, On Running emerged onto a running scene with passion and ambitious goals to move runners towards the ultimate running experience. Considering the vicinity to the majestic Swiss Alps, it’s not difficult to see where they got the inspiration from their vision “running on clouds”. To realise that they’ve succeeded is easy enough for anyone who has taken just a few steps wearing their shoes. To understand how it’s possible – not so much.

On Running's history makes just as much a great example of the technologically innovative possibilities that lie just out of reach of an imagined reality that still seems quite far off - as it does of showcasing a logically concrete conclusion of what happens when ambition is allowed to try, try and try again. Perhaps it is the two things together that makes the quality of their product make sense.

Propelled by the latest advancements in running technology

On Running shoes make for running not experienced before. Their genius lies at the heart of combining a cushioning that provides support, steadiness and pace with a shoe that ultimately weighs almost nothing – something you’ll realise immediately when you put them on.

In what started just as an idea to be at the cutting-edge of running technology, today doesn't feel far off at all. On Running runs a highly advanced lab with scientists and experts who continue to experiment in order to advance on running technology - all to provide runners with the very best experience.

Running on clouds

All their shoes sport an advanced technology called CloudTech which is carefully engineered with precision to provide incredibly soft landings, all the while giving you the necessary push to move you forward towards even more ambitious running goals.

This unique science adapts to your running, absorbs any tough impact and reduces strain, ensuring a powerful, long-lasting stride that is as light and responsive as it is comfortable and gentle – making you able and left wanting to do it time after time again.

Further solidifying themselves as pioneers and well-established within the running scene, On Running today carries not only the very best within shoes, but also accompanying clothing and accessories.

Buy Running Shoes and Running Clothes from On Running at KA-YO

We offer a wide and carefully selected assortment of the very best running shoes as well as running clothes. The Cloud Monster offers long-lasting support in a natural forward motion making you run with ease for short and long distances. The Cloud 5 is a perfect runner for asphalt with quick lacing and a soft instep.The Cloudflyer 4 is constructed in a slightly wider fit offering maximum comfort, cushioning and support.

Beyond shoes, we carry extremely lightweight and technical running clothes like their Running Shorts and Weather-Vest.

Experience running in a new light

It’s easy to assume that progress and innovation within running has come to a stand-still. On Running does an excellent job at proving that idea wrong. Whether you’re a casual or professional runner, they have something for everyone’s unique needs.

Rediscover your joy in running. Or polish on one that’s already there.
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